HuTag XC-3 RFID UHF tag for people

HuTag XC-3

Launched April 2023.

This version of the HuTag leverages the latest in IC (M730) from Impinj as well as reworked case material to improve endurance.

HuTag XC-3 vs HuTag XC-2

  • Impinj M730 v Impinj R6P IC
  • 20% increased range range over HuTag XC-2
  • Increased sensitivity for better wetsuit penetration
  • UV resistant additive to the case material to improve lifespan in harsher environments
  • Identical dimensions: 50mm x 44mm x 12mm
  • Identical weight: 24g

How to tell them apart?

Simple: HuTag XC-3 has "HuTag XC3" written on the side and it can be read further away!

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  • Reads vertically & horizontally
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 44mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • EPC: 128bits
  • Operating Temperature: 40°C to +85°C
  • Encasement: over-molded UV restistant TPE
  • Compatible with most UHF RFID readers
  • Self-programmable
  • Supports wrapping label 110mm x 24mm
  • Custom colours and surface logos available subject to minimum order volumes


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  • Multisport - triathlon, duathlon. Indeed any event where a change of clothes/shoes is mandatory or even likely
  • MOB - the new trend. Mud-Offroad-Beer. Where no other tag can cope with the mud never mind survive the challenges
  • Skating and skiing
  • Attendee and visitor management for tough outward bound courses and festivals
  • Hiking and long distance challenge where clothing and shoes may vary as well the weather conditions
  • Attaches to wrist or ankle
  • Attach using neoprene or disposable Tyveck straps

HuTag XC-3 Single Tags
Single tags

HuTag operational region and frequency

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HuTag XC-3 Evaluation Pack
Evaluation pack of 10 tags, 1 sheet of labels and 10 deluxe neoprene straps
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HuTag operational region and frequency

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HuTag XC-3 Mixed Evaluation Pack
Evaluation pack of 5 blue US/FCC tags and 5 red EU/ETSI tags, 1 sheet of labels and 10 deluxe neoprene straps
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